Entrainment is a powerful phenomenon where the strong vibrational frequency of one object changes the frequency of others nearby, causing them to synchronize with the first.

We see this throughout nature with blinks of fireflies entraining with each other, or heart muscle cells starting to pulse together as they get closer. Or when women’s menstrual cycles start to sync when they’re continuously together.

This concept is especially powerful in sound therapy, as all matter is simply different vibrational frequencies. Therefore, everything is sound, including us. Every organ, tissue, cell, muscle in our body has a resonant (optimal) frequency at which it vibrates. When all parts are resonating at their optimal frequency, it creates a harmonious symphony and we experience our highest level of health and vitality.

Stressors regularly weaken or shift these frequencies to a less than optimal state, or cause them to become “out of tune” within our physical and energetic bodies. Stressors we’re constantly exposed to through our outside environment can include toxins, chemicals, people around us, disease, etc. Internal stressors such as emotional turmoil, fear, grief, worry, and stress can also have a massive effect on these frequencies.

When these parts of us that have become “out of tune” are exposed to powerful vibrations of optimal frequencies (as they are in sound therapy), they will start to shift in order to synchronize with the stronger vibration. This is how healing occurs, and how we can “tune” the human body and biofield just as one would tune an instrument.

To this effect, since we know the electromagnetic field of the heart is ~500 times stronger than the electromagnetic field of the brain it makes sense why when one is strongly attuned to their heart, they can help raise the vibration of others in their sphere who may be operating from a lower frequency.

So instead of absorbing the lower vibrations that surround us, by living in tune with the resonance of our heart, and by BEING love, we have the power to be the strongest vibration in the room and influence the things and people in our environment to rise up to sync with us. This is collective healing.

Check out this video to see an example of entrainment in action!