Soul Food

  Entrainment is a powerful phenomenon where the strong vibrational frequency of one object changes the frequency of others nearby, causing them to synchronize with the first. We see this throughout nature with blinks of fireflies entraining with each other, or heart muscle cells starting to pulse together as they get closer. Or when women’s menstrual cycles start to sync when they’re continuously together. This concept is especially powerful in sound therapy, as all matter is simply different vibrational frequencies. Therefore, everything is sound, including us. Every organ, tissue, cell, muscle in our body has a resonant (optimal) frequency at
  Our bodies are highly intelligent and designed to thrive on their own and heal naturally if given the right tools to support their capabilities. What we choose to fuel them with both physically and energetically makes all the difference in the world to our immune system, nervous system, and overall health. People have been focusing on health and immunity more than ever this year, so as we continue into cold + flu season I wanted to share with you some of my favorite methods of supporting the immune system. It’s also important to note that a lot of these
  I’ve been on a deep and intentional soul journey for the past few months. It’s taken me into the depths. I’ve held space for myself, with minimal distractions, to turn inward and do the work. To process and feel painful and uncomfortable emotions that have been buried and stored as weighted energy—some for years. To allow them to move through me, bringing them to the surface and honoring them for the lessons they brought. To flip the mirror I’ve held for many clients and friends inward, and not look away when it gets uncomfortable. To be honest with myself,