corporate sound baths

Bring the transformative + healing power of Sound Bath Meditations to your workplace


Sound Bath Meditations can bring such an incredible addition to a corporate wellness program, whether they’re offered to employees weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just for a special occasion. Some benefits of corporate sound healing are:

  • Alleviates stress and/or tension in the workplace
  • Helps team building + connection through shared experience
  • Enhances listening, focus, and creativity
  • Grounds the body, calms the mind, and eases anxiety
  • Creates a peaceful environment promoting a state of internal balance, leading to enhanced productivity
  • Releases undesirable thought structures and habits
  • Facilitates compassionate communication

I customize each experience to fit the needs unique to your company or team.

Each person will lie down or sit up (depending on the space) while I play the soothing sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Koshi and flow chimes, ocean drums, and other overtone emitting instruments. Some instrument will be played directly over the participants bodies, creating a truly immersive experience.

I will bring the setup to your corporate wellness retreat or location. Rates vary depending on the location and group size.


the process


You fill out the intake form on this page. Once I review it, we’ll schedule a short call in which we’ll discuss the experience more in depth, any specific theme that might suit your company best, and make sure all questions on both sides are answered.


Once the day/time of the sound bath meditation is confirmed, all payments will be made in full at the time of booking, and my cancellation and rescheduling policies will be shared with you.


I arrive 30-45 minutes in advance of the scheduled time of the Sound Bath Meditation to set up my instruments in the space and create the ideal environment for the attendees.


I’ll start with a brief check-in to help participants ground and become conscious of their current mental, physical, and emotional state. I’ll then explain what they can expect from the experience, and give a brief explanation about the science of sound healing and why it can be so effective.

Sound Bath Begins

Based on the decided theme, I’ll start with a guided meditation leading into a fully immersive sound journey in which I’ll play and walk over participants with a variation of healing instruments.

Sound Bath Ends

As it starts coming to an end, participants will be gently guided back into their bodies and the present moment through my voice. There will be time afterward for any reflections or experiences to be shared, and any questions to be asked.

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