“Have you ever wondered how some people always have the energy to get through each day, look healthy and feel great? SUPERFOODS have been around for thousands of years, and yet they are the secret key to success. So, what are SUPERFOODS and how do they help?” The New Year is in full swing, with people determined that 2011 is the year they are going to achieve their goals and stick to resolutions. It’s a fantastic time to start fresh and think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it! Whether your goals are personal, professional or health related; SUPERFOODS can help!

What is a SUPERFOOD?

You have heard the term SUPERFOOD being thrown around, at the gym, at the supermarket & on TV, but you aren’t quite sure what it is and what it means? Don’t worry you aren’t alone! It’s not just a marketing ploy; SUPERFOOD is a term that was originally used by the Japanese back in the early 1980’s to describe food that was dense in nutrients. As time has gone on, common foods like broccoli & blueberries have been added to the SUPERFOOD umbrella. As “SUPERFOOD” is not a scientific term, it can be used broadly to describe any food that is dense with nutrients that the body needs to nourish bones, muscles, major organs, the immune system & even your hair and nails. What is in them that makes them so good? SUPERFOODS are packed with protein; in fact they exceed daily protein requirements! They also exceed daily vitamin and mineral requirements. By eating SUPERFOODS you are fuelling your body with Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Enzymes, Phyto-nutrients (Plant Nutrients), Good fats & oils, Amino Acids, & Essential fatty acids.

How are SUPERFOODS good for me?

SUPERFOODS are jam packed with all the good stuff, so you get more bang for your buck! In this day and age we are so time poor, always running from the office, to a meeting, to the shops, to the gym and so on. We don’t always have the time to eat everything our body needs to keep us well fueled and energized. Imagine being able to drink a delicious smoothie on the go & know that you were getting your dietary requirements and more. Due to the ever-increasing consumption of processed foods, most people today are depleted in critical minerals. All of our bodies systems require minerals to function optimally. The problem with food grown in our modern society is that it is grown in mineral depleted soils. When a plant grows it absorbs nutrients from the soil that surrounds it. If the soil is mineral deficient the plant will be undernourished. When we eat demineralised foods we become de mineralised. SUPERFOODS help us to correct this deficiency. SUPERFOODS contain all of the essential minerals and nutrients that we need to reverse this deficiency. They are grown in mineral rich soils, sustainably cultivated, and have a long history of use as a staple food in ancient cultures.

How will SUPERFOODS help with my energy levels?

We have all heard it before “You’re doing too much!”, but with our busy lives it’s not always a choice. How can SUPERFOODS help? Burning the candle at both ends & not getting enough rest overtakes your body’s ability to recover, both physically and emotionally. Your body is playing catch up, trying to rest and repair, yet you are already awake, getting the kids ready for school, taking yourself off to the gym or working back late at the office. By fuelling your body with SUPERFOODS, you are giving your body the nutrients and minerals it needs to recover as quickly as possible. SUPERFOODS due to exceptionally high amounts of minerals and antioxidants, promote cell growth and restoration, this will ensure speed of recovery, so your body is ready for the next day, week or month & you have the energy to achieve your 2011 goals.

Malisa Celeste is a young Melbourne based student, currently undertaking an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine as part of her Bachelor of Health Science. Over the past three years, Malisa has immersed herself with healthy eating, nutritional supplements & superfoods; and has subsequently achieved amazing results in weight loss, in conjunction with a weights training program. Working in conjunction with Tonic Superfoods [https://tonicsuperfoods.com.au/] Malisa has assisted in producing an eBook, filled with health & nutrition tips & recipes. You can sign up for nutritional tips & recipes here.

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